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Conditions of the service


1. By the car renting rent time is rounded upward 0, 5 hours after the last paid hour.

2. Services Car renting with the driver and Transfer are fulfilled (by cash paying) only after 100% prepaying of the assumed order. If the order must be prolonged during its actually execution, the Customer pays in addition according to the current rate at beginning of every next hour.

3. The Executor is not responsible for the in cabin forgotten things. Found forgotten things are kept by the dispatcher.

4.The dispatcher settles the possibility to prolong the order depending on further orders of this rented car. If the order cannot be prolonged, the Executor leases to the customer an other car, if it is possible.

5.If the car is in use longer than 4 hours before or after the way to airport, the transfer is counted as +1 hour to the actual time of the car using. Meeting or escort to railway station is not a transfer and it is paid hourly.

6. The transfer rate (meeting) includes: waiting at airport during one hour since the time of the order, delivery o the first address in Moscow. If the waiting period longer than 1 hour is, the waiting time is additionally paid according to chosen car. The transfer rate (escort) includes: delivery from every point of Moscow o every airport regardless of the way. If the Customer is waited, the waiting time is paid according to chosen car class. If the transfer is ordered within Moscow region, the voyage is paid according to the chosen car class.

7.When defects emerge with ordered car, the Executor has right to replace the car with an other of equal class or better.

8.When the car is broken during the order execution and the malfunction cannot be repaired during 30 minute, a car of equal class or better class can be leased to the Customer, anyway, the Customer has right to refuse further service. In this case the Customer receives the rest of the paid amount according to the current rate. If the driver have repaired a car by himself during 30 minute or the car had been replaced during the order execution, the time is not prolonged because the car replacing or repair.

9.All the paid parking places, stations and passages are paid by the Customer.

10. The decoration of the car for the wedding ceremony is leased by the Customer and the car is decorated by the driver. It is prohibited to use as decoration air-balloons, to mount the decorations on the ants and other places, if it impairs the look of the driver. Fishing line, tape, wire and other things, which can damage the car are not to use as mounting.

11.The Customer takes material liability for by him broken, cut or soiled things in cabin. The Customer should pay an amount equal to the cost of the damaged things.

12. It is prohibited to drink alcohol and to smoke in the cabin.

13. It is prohibited to carry big animals, also other animals without special bags (containers).

14. It is prohibited to carry in the cabin bulky things, which can impair the look of the driver (big suitcases, paintings, boxes etc.)

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