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Information about the car

KIA Grandbird for rent

Rent a bus with driver
KIA Grandbird


Order KIA Grandbird
45 + 1 seats
Adjustable seats
Velour cabin
Cabin heater
Fluorescent lighting of the seat
Panoramic glazing
Antinoise double glass unit
Rent cost 1500 rub./h
Transfer Moscow - Sheremetjevo I, II (escort) 9000 rub.
Transfer Moscow - Sheremetjevo I, II (meeting) 9000 rub.
Transfer Moscow - Domodedovo (escort) 10500 rub.
Transfer Moscow - Domodedovo (meeting) 10500 rub.
Transfer Moscow - Vnukovo (escort) 10500 rub.
Transfer Moscow - Vnukovo (meeting) 10500 rub.
Transfer Moscow - Bykovo (escort) 10500 rub.
Transfer Moscow - Bykovo (meeting) 10500 rub.
Additionally outward Moscow ringway 1500 rub./30 km
Minimal order 4+2 (9000 rub.)

Conditions of a bus order in Moscow City:

Rates are given in rubles incl. VAT 18%.

Minimal trip period -4 hours+2 hours for delivery/return of the bus.

The customer pays 100% money in advance for supposed bus renting.
When the paid time of bus renting is over, the customer pays in advance (according to the current rate for this bus class) for every next hour of bus renting (more than 15 minutes after the last paid hour is rounded upward to the whole hour).
The customer pays for the rental parking (You should ask for the cost of the parking at the airports and at the railway stations by the dispatchers) during the bus renting, otherwise, these costs can be included in the transport service bill.
Any developments and additions about the bus renting, canceling the order are accepted only in writing tel/fax in Moscow (495)211 1755, e-mail: The cancel of bus renting is allowed at least 48 hours before specified delivery-time, otherwise The firm "Autocruise" takes no responsibility for the execution of the order and returns no paid means.
The number of passengers must not exceed the number of the seats, declared in the description of the bus.
In case of a malfunction (breakdown) of the rented transport the Executor replaces it as soon as possible to a bus of equal class and passenger capacity.
If the actual order time reduces on the initiative of the client, the rate of the order doesnt change, the payment for the non-used time is not returned.

It is strictly prohibited on the bus:
To smoke and to drink alcohol in the minivan (bus) cabin;
To litter in the cabin, to set dirty bags on the bus seats;
To distract the driver without a substantial cause during the driving.
If the client has damaged the rules of renting and using the bus, the driver has the right to stop (to refuse) the order execution and to make the passengers away from the cabin.

The fixed rate of the transfer includes:
- Meeting at the railway station parking place, at the airport or at the clients place if the parking is paid by the client.
Note: Please ask the dispatcher for the address of the waiting place and the phone number of the driver per telephon: +7 (495)211 1755
-Waiting for the passengers during 1,5 hours after plane landing;
-Waiting for the passengers at he railway station during 30 minutes after train arrival;
-Waiting during 15 minutes at the place of delivery (except airports and railway stations).

Waiting for the client more than included 1,5 hours at the airport or 30 minutes at the railway station + cost of one hour renting (according to the current rate for the chosen bus class) to the actual transfer rate.
Additional place of destination within Moscow ringway + rate of one hour of renting (according to the rate) to the actual transfer cost (for minivans).
A drive outward the Moscow ringway
rate of one hour renting for every 30 km of the trip except long-distance interurban drives.

The rates have been current since01January 2015.

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